Videographer. Location Manager. Voice Actor.

Miranda Clapp is a narrative director and writer with a keen focus on mental wellness, resilience, and the exploration of complex characters. Her background in creative writing and commitment to mental health advocacy have fueled her work on outreach videos for organizations such as LSF Health Systems and Central Florida Behavioral Health Network. Clapp's films, known for their contemporary style and character-driven narratives, include her latest projects in post-production, "Common Sixth Sense" and "Getting Back to You." She also serves as the location manager for the Masters feature film, "Painted Faces," highlighting her versatility in the filmmaking domain.

In addition to her work in film, Clapp is exploring voice acting, leveraging her narrative skills for new storytelling avenues. She thrives on organization and goal-setting, and her passion for music manifests in constant singing and self-dialogue, helping her navigate daily challenges and enhance her creative process. This blend of musicality and a relentless pursuit of knowledge underpins Clapp’s approach to storytelling, making her not just a filmmaker but a storyteller eager to delve into and share the nuances of the human experience through her varied creative pursuits.

  • Orlando, Florida, United States